Local and national retailers

Local and national retailers are installing electronic cash registers (ECR) containing integrated check guarantee/credit card authorization data and voice capabilities. Check guarantee transactions are routed by a store (area) local switch to check guarantee data networks or, in the case of national retailers, via retail host networks to check guarantee vendor data networks.

b. Truck Service Centers

A highly successful funds verification/check guarantee service is offered in the transportation sector. In this instance, the independent trucker is the consumer and the authorized truck service center is the retailer.

The funds verification/check guarantee system for truck service centers is illustrated in Exhibit 111-14. There are approximately 8,000 trucking companies which for the most part consign shipments to over 200,000 independent truckers in the United States.

The basic transaction starts when the trucker purchases food, diesel, and services from a truck stop. The truck stop manager operates as an independent agent of the check guarantee services offerer, receiving a portion of the transaction fee. The authorized service center calls the check guarantee center.

The data entry operator contacts the trucking company dispatcher for verification for that driver at that point in his route. The data entry operator enters the verification into the host processor which verifies the trucking company’s credit against a data base of drivers and trucking companies.

The guarantee is forwarded by the data entry operator and increasingly, more frequently, by a voice response unit to the authorized service center which creates a check draft payable to the driver, endorsed to the service center.



Total electronic credit card authorization is heavily dependent upon data communication costs. The response time is five seconds or less.

Revising rate structures could well increase the cost of all electronic transactions by as much as three cents as deregulation takes place in the communications industry.


Check verification/guarantee costs depend, as shown in Exhibit 111-17, upon the types of services offered.

Check verification services alert the retailer to bad checks and potentially marginal ones, but leave the credit decision in the hands of the retailer. Check verification services are generally regional or local in nature and are contracted for primarily between the services offerer and the retailer directly.

Check verification services are priced according to the type of verification utilized and on transaction volume. Check verification costs run somewhat higher (20-30%) than corresponding credit card authorization costs.

There are no interchange networks involved (except occasional interchange with credit card networks).

Transaction volume for check verification is less than one-tenth credit card authorization transaction volume.

Check guarantee services are primarily offered to retailers directly. Even when offered to financial institutions, the services offerer underwrites check losses.

Financial institutions

The portion of the discount rate that financial institutions charge retailers for the loss liability on credit card transactions is related to the authorization system (paper, voice, authorization terminals, ECR, etc.) selected by the retailer. Financial institutions frequently sell or lease terminals at highly attractive rates in order to benefit from the reduction in settlement fees offered by MasterCard (1.55% versus 1.7%) and Visa (1% versus 1.64%) when all credit card transactions are authorized through electronic methods.

INPUT’S assessment of credit card authorization costs are as shown in Exhibit 111-16. The costs represent a consensus of the vendors interviewed, expert opinion, and industry data. The costs were used to determine information systems expenditures in Section B and in the Forecast in Section C above. Special no credit check services from NY Loans site.

Voice response, which is operator dependent, is of course the most expensive. It is not likely to be significantly affected by communication industry deregulation. Voice credit card authorization is also the slowest method of services delivery.

Audio response replaces the operator for half of the authorization transaction and reduces response time by 25-40%.


The pricing of credit card authorization services is usually bundled with the package of credit card services offered by financial institutions to retailers.

Bundled services include:

Credit card application evaluation and processing.

Plastic card issuance.

Credit transaction authorization.

Credit card transaction balancing, clearance, and settlement.
Statement preparaion, payment, and collection.

• The incentives to the retailer are increased sales (through customer convenience), advertising, elimination of handling accounts receivable and, to a large extent, loss liability.

• Financial institutions charge a percentage (2-6%) of the transaction dollar amount. The percentage is a function of dollar volume, number of transactions, and type of retail establishment.

• Few financial institutions provide the entire range of credit card services directly to retailers. Some contract virtually all of the program to one or more participating vendors.

Visa/MasterCard data networks are used for transaction interchange and are a primary source for settlement.

Service centers

The agent contacts the data entry operator at the guarantee center who enters the card number, amount, and agent identification on the host processor. The vendor acts as an agent for a credit card issuing financial institution.

The transaction is sent to the issuing financial institution. If the account is not held there, the transaction is switched via a credit card interchange network to the appropriate credit card financial institution. Card authorization results in check guarantee approval being returned to the leisure time services center either by the data entry operator or increasingly by voice response units.

The service center creates a check guarantee by the vendor, payable to the consumer, endorsed to and cashed by the service center. Fees for the service are approximately k% of the check amount— I % to the service center operator, 1% to the credit card issuing financial institution, and 2% to the funds verification/check guarantee services offerer.

At settlement, funds (including net fees) are transferred from the credit card financial institution to the check guarantee services offerer’s account.

Latest service offerings include installation of POS terminals which provide for electronic authorization/check guarantee transactions. The terminal incorporates a credit card stip reader and a check printer. Electronic transactions are completed in one to two minutes, including check endorsement, as opposed to a range of five to eight minutes for voice-check guarantee.

Leisure Time Service Centers

Another highly successful vertical market application of check guarantee is for the leisure time industry. The funds verification/check guarantee system for the leisure time industry is illustrated in Exhibit 111-15.

The guarantee service provided is to guarantee a check issued by the vendor based on major credit card authorization. Independent agents of the vendor located at gambling casinos, race tracks, and other leisure time operations provide retailer services to consumers wanting funds.

Computer services vendors

Computer services vendors are a primary source of voice and audio response authorization services.

Bank card associations and computer services vendors are primary sources of credit card issuance, processing, statement preparation, collection, and account maintenance.

Unbundling is occurring both in services rendered to financial institutions and to (at least) large retailers. Entry of VAN vendors and large retailers offering their national VANs for financial transaction processing into the marketplace is expected to accelerate the unbundling process.


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Check guarantee services vendor

The check is guaranteed by the check guarantee services vendor. The authorized service center deposits the check, receiving funds from the check guarantee vendor.

The check guarantee vendor receives funds plus service charges ranging from 2-6% from the trucking company. For fleet operations truckers are provided with a pre-coded set of checks for the trip. The checks can be guaranteed directly by the check guarantee center, reducing response time from five minutes to less than one minute.

Latest service offerings include electronic verification/guarantee transactions. Terminals with modems and attached check printers permit verification/check guarantee transactions to be accomplished in well under one minute.

Data terminals utilized by trucking company dispatchers enter driver/route/funds allocation in the host processor data base at the verification/guarantee operations center.

Plastic cards are used for fleet fuel purchases— further speeding up the check guarantee transaction. Transaction data is used or creating a fuel price data base highlighting the most economic place to buy diesel in a given area.